All About What Gold Mining Claim Involves

According to the General Mining Act of 1872 that is a Federal Law in the US, the mining as well as prospecting of minerals such as gold and also silver is to be governed by this law that helps to ensure that the gold mining claims made by prospectors are adequately protected. Gold mining claims are made in order to get the right to extract, explore and mine for gold from particular areas of land. The mining laws in force since the year 1866 have allowed anyone that discovers economic minerals such as gold to stake their gold mining claims in order to then be able to further extract the gold that they may have discovered on that particular claimed property or land.

General Mining Act Of 1872 And Gold Mining Claim

The General Mining Act of 1872 expanded the scope of mining beyond just silver and gold and included other types of minerals as well. However, the mining law provides coverage to land that is opened to the public and which usually involves federal land that has not been reserved for any set use.

In the beginning, gold mining claims are unpatented and so they only allow the claimant to explore and mine for gold but in its original form, the mining laws in force actually allowed miners to get patents from the government making it possible to own the land on which they intended to mine for gold.

According to the 1872 General Mining Act the US government granted to all its citizens the right to do the exploration and to locate as well as indulge in gold mining claims even if it involved public lands. However, unpatented gold mining claims refer to particular lands owned by the Federal government but which can be used for exploration and mining of gold. For such kinds of gold mining claims, miners are allowed to have the right of possession over gold found on the land and which involves nothing more or less than being able to lease the land for the purpose of mining for gold. No ownership of land passes to the person or persons staking their gold mining claims.

As recently as the year 1995, the Government has stopped issuing patents which means that it is not possible to convert unpatented gold mining claims to patented claims.

For anyone that wishes to know more about modern gold mining one thing that they will need to realize at the very outset is that the age-old and tried and tested methods of gold mining continue to survive today. In fact, not much has changed in how the modern miner goes about his task of mining for gold – at least not as far as the tools of mining go.