Refinancing Home Equity Mortgage Made Simple

Because refinancing home equity mortgage sounds so similar to refinancing home mortgage rate most laymen struggle to tell the difference between the two. The distinguishing factor is simple but very vital; when taking out a refinancing home equity mortgage the homeowner is borrowing money against the real value of the house. Real value meaning the current value of the property minus any accumulated liabilities such as mortgages and loans whereas a refinancing home mortgage tare only considers the appraisal value of the house.

Essentially the refinancing home equity mortgage is one where the borrower uses the equity in their home as collateral for the bank loan. The loans are used to finance major renovations to the house but can sometimes be used for purposes completely unrelated to the home such as major debt repayment or paying college tuition or medical bills, there is no clause in the agreement that limits how the money may be spent.

When taking refinancing home equity mortgages most people are essentially doing the same thing as taking out a second mortgage, although on better terms. Because of this most financial institutions will only make these loans to people with excellent credit scores. This is more especially true in the current financial environment where the financial sector is feeling the pinch especially in the property market. In spite of this if the loan is approved it offers a very competitive home mortgage rate.

The Advantages Of Refinancing Home Equity Mortgage

Another area where a refinancing home equity mortgage holds its own is the amount of flexibility it offers the homeowner. The borrower can choose to receive a lump sum at repay it, with interest over an agreed amount of time or the homeowner can choose the home equity line of credit which is where the loan works like a revolving credit loan and the homeowner chooses how much and when to borrow. These lines of credit are normally available up to 30 years but the interest rate is slightly higher as it is calculated at the prime lending rat plus whatever margin the bank decides

Another useful tip when shopping for refinancing home equity mortgages is to be aware that there are always fees involved. Some fees such as title fees, stamp duties, arrangement fees, closing fees, early pay-off are included in the loan. Bu the best way forard when getting a quote is to ask the broker to quote the mortgage loan points separate from other fees. This is because other fees like processing, document, or underwriting, which may be negotiable so its worth trying to bargain them down.